Sheet Piling And Dewatering

Sheet Piling and Dewatering Specialists

If you’re looking for a professional and effective sheet piling or dewatering service, look no further than Maxwell Plumbing. Our dewatering services utilise innovative wellpoint systems for the dewatering of groundwater. We also have all the specialist equipment and sheet pile you will need for your project – available for installation and hire. To find out more or to utilise these services, please contact us today.

Innovative Dewatering Solutions

Our dewatering systems can reduce ground water levels and are perfect a wide range of construction jobs. Utilising an innovative wellpoint system, we can undertake extensive dewatering of ground water for you. This enables us to lay spears in ground with high water tables. The wellpoint dewatering method can provide safer working conditions is simple to both install and maintain. This system creates a vacuum in the ground that acts on the ground water and is perfect for a wide range of jobs including trench work and sewer laying.


Earthquake repairs – Sheet Piling at Christchurch Hospital.


Fully Equipped Sheet Piling Service

With 100 tonnes of sheet pile available for installation or hire, our sheet piling service is ideal for you. Sheet piling is widely used in infrastructure repairs as a temporary support. They are the perfect tool for Earthquake repairs and other earth retention and excavation projects. Our Digger Mounted Rig and expert staff can provide complete installation services. Alternatively, you can hire our sheet pile when you need it most and install it yourself.